Solar Energy Storage Systems Lithium Batteries Pack 51.2V 68AH Lifepo4 Lithium ion Battery for Solar Panel

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Long cycle life over 10 years

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Energy storage module features

1. Long cycle life over 10 years.

2. Modular design, smaller size and lighter weight.

3. With one-key switch, To make the operation is more convenient.

4. Suitable for long-term charge and discharge cycles.

5. Supporting with high current charge and discharge.

6. With multiple communication functions: RS485, RS232, CAN BUS.

7. Adapt to the depth protocol of the energy storage inverter.

8. Parallel strings for redundancy and maximum reliability and obtain addresses automatically .


Item Parameter
Battery Type LiFePo4
Product Model JG-16IFR51.2-68-Y
Engery About 3.5Kwh
Rated Capacity 68Ah
Rated voltage 51.2V
Charging voltage 57.6V
Float voltage 55.2V
Discharge cut-off voltage About 40V
Recharging current <10A
Charging point cut-off current 0.68A-1.36A
Weight 33.6Kg
Product Size 528*420*130mm
Resistance <60MΩ
Discharge temperature -20℃~+55℃
Protective function Overcharge protection,overdischarge protection,

temperature protection,

overload protection,

balance protection,

communication function

Cycles 4000 times (80% DOD) 

Over time they will be charged and discharged many thousands of times. For that reason the JGNE ESS Battery is based on the most reliable and sustainable battery technology available and exclusively uses lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). These batteries offer a greater longevity and higher safety than most other lithium-ion batteries that are commonly used in smartphones, laptops or electric cars. Did you know: lithium iron phosphate is the only battery component that occurs naturally and does not contain any toxic heavy metals.

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