High Quality Customized Large Outdoor Battery Pack Emergency light Garden Light Flash Light Lithium Ion Battery

Short Description:

1.Long cycle life, high reliability;

2.Small size, light weight, higher energy density, environment friendly;

3.Wider working temperature range, excellent high and low temperature performance;

4.High efficiency, stable power supply, high power output;

5.Ultra-low power consumption and long continuous power supply.

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Application field

Lithium ion battery could be widely used in various kinds of lamp application range and can be used in all lamps, like LED Downlights, LED light, LED flood light, LED Emergency Light, Solar-powered outdoor LED lights, solar street light, Solar radar induction lamp, Portable solar lantern, flashlight, Explosion-proof projection lamp, spotlight, Outdoor emergency lighting camping lamp, Solar - powered insect - killer lamp, landscape lamp, landscape lamp, Garden lamp,Custom special lamp etc.

Portable solar lantern

Solar street light

LED flood light

Garden lamp


Emergency lighting camping lamp

Flexibly customize according to customers' actual requirements in dimension, sell appearance, and specific technical parameters. The high-strength PVC is puncture resistant, while the metal shell is superior in shock resistance and heat dissipation performance.



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