AC Power Station Pure Sine Wave Portable Powering Car Refrigerator TV Drone Laptops

Short Description:

Product Advantage features


  1. Trolley case design, light and portable, easy to transport, and convenient to quickly move from one site to another;
  2. Imported high-strength engineering plastics, anti-falling, anti-seismic, fire-proof and rain-proof;
  3. Large capacity lithium battery pack, small size, light weight and high power;
  4. Super high-power pure sine wave output;
  5. Unique overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection design, overload/overcurrent/overcharge/overdischarge protection;
  6. Unique protective wall design;
  7. AC 220V/110V pure sine wave output.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Application scenarios:

Outdoor office   field photography

Outdoor construction   fire rescue

Anti-risk and disaster  relief car start

Digital charging   mobile power

Emergency power supply

Scope of application:

It can be used as a DC or AC power source in mountainous areas, pastoral areas, field surveys, outings for travel and leisure, or in cars or boats without electricity. It can not only illuminate but also use other loads, the structure is small and exquisite, it is convenient to carry, and it is reliable to use. It should be used in rescue, emergency power supply, backup power supply, etc.

Storage and Downtime Maintenance:

1.It is suggested to fully charge it at least once every 90 days for maintaining the best performance, reliability, and longevity.
2.If outputting is done, please remember to turn off the master to save the loss of energy.
3.Due to the chemical characteristics of the battery, the available capacity of the battery may somewhat vary from environment to environment such as cold weather or overheating (you may hear a cooling fan). So please always use it in room temperature (0°C- 40°C)also it is not recommended for outside storage or in damp environments.
4.If you are living off-grid in sub-zero conditions, we recommend you keep your unit in an insulated cooler and connect to a power source(solar panels). The natural heat generated will keep battery capacity at its highest.
5.The battery packs inside are non-removable, nondisassemble, the life-cycle for charge and discharge is over 500 times, but eventually, it will wear out.
6.Continuously discharging the battery to 0% and then storing it with an empty battery may reduce its serviceable life. It is recommended to always leave at least 20% capacity unused.


Item Charge Types Working Types
2KWh 12.8V165Ah 14.4V10A charger

Solar panel charging

Car charging




1.5KWh 12.8V120Ah
1KWh 12.8V80Ah


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