JGNE 1000W Portable Power Station Emergency Power Supply with DC / AC Inverter

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  1. Trolley case design, light and portable, easy to transport, and convenient to quickly move from one site to another;
  2. Imported high-strength engineering plastics, anti-falling, anti-seismic, fire-proof and rain-proof;
  3. Large capacity lithium battery pack, small size, light weight and high power;
  4. Super high-power pure sine wave output;
  5. Unique overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection design, overload/overcurrent/overcharge/overdischarge protection;
  6. Unique protective wall design;
  7. AC 220V/110V pure sine wave output.

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About this product

Thank you very much for using the portable power station made by Goldencell. You can use it to power your electrical appliances or consumer electronics in case of power outage or when you need electricity for traveling. This power station supports DC output, USB output, and AC output to power your laptop, electrical appliances, lighting, etc. Please read this user manual carefully before using this product and keep it properly for future reference.



Multiple charging: charging via mains electricity, your car, and solar power (solar panel is optional);

Variety of outputs: AC, DC, and USB outputs;

Various safety protections: over-charge, over-discharge, temperature, and overload protections.

Equipped with display screen: a real-time display of remaining electricity, voltage, current, power, date and time, and more;

Built-in Bluetooth: connect it with your phone to view the remaining electricity, voltage, current, power and company information, etc.;

Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is used for its long cycle life, high reliability, dense energy, environmentally-friendliness, and safety. 

Using your portable power station

1. Power on/off

●After you press the power switch button, the indicator of AC output status lights up in green, indicating that the AC output port is turned on and is ready to power your device; while a red indication of AC status means the AC output port is in an abnormal condition, and please do not use the portable power station.

●Please turn off the power switch without delay after the use of this portable power station.

2. How to charge this product

1Charging with AC charger

To charge this product, connect one end of the AC charger to this power station, and the other end to a household AC outlet. When the product is fully charged, the AC charger lights up in green, and please unplug the AC charger in time.

 2Charging via solar panels

● Place solar panels in areas where direct sunlight is as strong as possible.

●Connect the output of the solar panel to the charging input of the portable power station to charge the power station.

3Charging via 12V car socket for cigarette lighter

Connect an end of the car charger to this product, and the other end to the socket for cigarette lighter on your car to charge the portable power station. A green light on the car charger indicates that the power station is fully charged and please unplug the car charger in time.

Notice: In order to avoid the accidental electricity loss of your car battery, please keep the car engine running while charging.

3. How to use this product to power devices

1How to power AC electrical appliances

Connect the plug of the power cable from your electrical appliance to the AC output port of this power station and then turn on the power switch to allow this station to power your appliance.

2How to power devices via USB

Connect the equipped USB cable of your devices to the USB port of this power station, turn on the power switch, and this station will power your consumer electronic devices through USB.

3How to power DC 12V appliances

Connect your device to the DC 12V port on the power station and then turn on the power switch to power your device. The DC 12V power supply of this product is plug-and-play.

4How to charge a car battery in an emergency

Connect your car battery to the DC 12V port on this power station and turn on the power switch to power your car battery. The DC 12V power supply of this product is plug-and-play

The following are the specifications and detailed parameters of the LFE CELL

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